Best exercise for your chest!

Maybe a bit of an overstatement, but not by much. I love the classic dumbbell bench press and certainly believe it should be a staple in your lifting routine. Done properly with the right progressive programming can lead to the chest you’ve only dreamed of having. (ok, ok.. maybe a bit much, but you get the point)

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3 Workout Tips to build those shoulders

Watch this video for 3 easily implementable tips for your next shoulder routine. It will help keep them safe and build them up. And remember – ALWAYS use great form when you train!

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Get those arms bigger with my favorite…

Still have trouble putting some serious size on those arms? Check out this video for a few great recommendations that can help you!

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Workout Those Legs Gentlemen!

Probably the most important video you need to see…

Unfortunately the most missed day at the gym for men, is legs. Train your legs! They are the largest natural testosterone booster in the human body. They deserve your time and attention. That means, by training your legs hard and often, you’ll see even MORE gains for your upper body. And what guy doesn’t want to get his arms a little bigger?

Enjoy the video, take notes… then go train your legs!

An oldie but a goodie…

Not gonna make it to the gym?
Fine… do these!

Just make sure you do them correctly to get the utmost benefit from this basic exercise that even your great-grandpa would recognize.

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Workout Tip: Neutral-Grip Pull-ups

One of my favorite part about this exercise, is that it is easier to do than a standard pull-up or chin-up which allows you to add more weight to it. Just remember to always use that back!

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Here’s to the Father’s in our lives

Not everyone is fortunate to have a great father or father figure in their life. Personally, I feel extremely blessed. My dad has been there for me since day one. 

 He is the one that taught me about hard work. As a matter of fact, I thought hard work was one word for a long time since I never heard one without the other from his mouth. 

 My dad also taught me other great life lessons such as changing a tire, becoming an entrepreneur, and how to be strong – physically & mentally. 

 Most notably, my father taught me about character. Although I have made my fair share of mistakes, my father has been the one to show me what true compassion looks like, what unconditional love looks like by displaying it daily to my mother as well as my siblings, and how precious your word can be or not. 

What baffles me the most about my dad, is his amount sacrifice. I don’t believe I will ever fully understand until perhaps when I am lucky enough to receive children of my own one day. 

Any male can become the father of a child quite easily, but to be a dad, a papa, a daddy, a real, true father, that takes a special kind of soul. 

Here’s to you, the dad’s that help groom boys into men and raise girls into outstanding women. 

  Thank you, Dad.


I made this for YOU.

8 out of 10 businesses fail within the first 18 months (according to Forbes). 

1 out of every 3 businesses fail within their first 3 years.

Over 50% fail within the first 3 years in the fitness industry. 

Together, we’ve beaten the odds. I didn’t start Out of Bounds Training as a hobby. I can honestly say, I have poured my blood, sweat, and tears into this and that I am proud of what it has become today.


It’s for you.


The individuals that know there is more to life than work and television. The people that want to improve their lives along with the people around them.

It’s for the difference maker in us all. Because I believe deep down, each one of us wants to be a difference maker to someone else. 

Thank you for allowing me to be a difference maker to you. 

It has been an honor and a privilege to serve you.

Please join us June 21st as we celebrate this 3 year milestone.

Location: 1212 Donegal Place

                Costa Mesa, CA 92626

        Party starts at 6:00pm

Please bring a dish and/or beverage of your choice. 

Spouses are welcomed, but please get a babysitter for the evening (for the kids, not your spouse).