Best exercise for your chest!

Maybe a bit of an overstatement, but not by much. I love the classic dumbbell bench press and certainly believe it should be a staple in your lifting routine. Done properly with the right progressive programming can lead to the chest you’ve only dreamed of having. (ok, ok.. maybe a bit much, but you get the point)

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3 Workout Tips to build those shoulders

Watch this video for 3 easily implementable tips for your next shoulder routine. It will help keep them safe and build them up. And remember – ALWAYS use great form when you train!

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Get those arms bigger with my favorite…

Still have trouble putting some serious size on those arms? Check out this video for a few great recommendations that can help you!

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Workout Those Legs Gentlemen!

Probably the most important video you need to see…

Unfortunately the most missed day at the gym for men, is legs. Train your legs! They are the largest natural testosterone booster in the human body. They deserve your time and attention. That means, by training your legs hard and often, you’ll see even MORE gains for your upper body. And what guy doesn’t want to get his arms a little bigger?

Enjoy the video, take notes… then go train your legs!

An oldie but a goodie…

Not gonna make it to the gym?
Fine… do these!

Just make sure you do them correctly to get the utmost benefit from this basic exercise that even your great-grandpa would recognize.

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Workout Tip: Neutral-Grip Pull-ups

One of my favorite part about this exercise, is that it is easier to do than a standard pull-up or chin-up which allows you to add more weight to it. Just remember to always use that back!

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